Sunday, August 16, 2009

Little Lonely Lake

About 200 meters from my house, there is a lake. It is called Little Lonely Lake. It is not really very lonely, because it has several houses on the shore. Most of them are far ritzier than Chalupy acres. But no matter, because it is right next door. It is also stocked with trout by the beneficient Alaska Department of Fish and Game, known as F&G to all Alaskans. In summer one can go kayaking on it. One can always go fishing there, and always I have caught something, even if it was too small and I threw it back. One can even go fishing and kayaking, although a kayak is not the ideal fishing boat -- you are too cramped for fly-casting, the only way to fish. At least for trout. Not that I am an experienced, tournament-level caster, but anyone can catch fish on worms. Or even on spin rods.

In winter, LLL loks rather different. It is frozen solid, which means that while kayaks are out of the question, skis are not. So I go skiing on it in winter. It is perfectly flat, so you can ski forever. But wait, every Eden has a snake. The winter snake are thr unspeakably evil snow machines. This evil deserves a post all to itself. Come winter, I'll deal with it.

As a finale, there is a classic Alaska scene, with that heroic figure, the bush plane. One of my neighbors had the plane you see in the picture. I haven't seen it for a while; perhaps he sold it.

As you may have figured out, I am setting the stage; soon I'll get down to daily life. But you can't have drama without a stage set.