Saturday, May 29, 2010

Multipurpose tool, or Archimedes to the rescue

Last year and earlier this year, I about completed the clearing of what I call the "East Pasture". It seems to have been a pasture at one time -- goats, no doubt -- but was overgrown in brush. The trusty scythe, loppers, and japanese saw did the thing.
Notice my visitors. These are Sandy and Cindy Sandhill Crane. They came in one evening, making an awful racket. They haven't returned, and I haven't seen them in the meadows. But I digress.

There were major trees in there, 12cm and up. The saw dealt with those. But that leaves stumps. Now earlier I showed a picture of Archimedes the log-raiser; I use it all the time for getting logs off the ground so's I can saw them up. Archimedes, however, is versatile. He can also pull stumps.
Wrap rope around stump, attach to Archimedes. Leverage works every time. Archimedes cost me nothing; I even salvaged the bolt from somewhere. Some of those trees have two meters of root! Can't do that by just pulling. Still a lot of stumps to pull, though.

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