Sunday, July 5, 2015

A bookcase for the shop

It ocurred to me that it would be an excellent idea to have a bookcase in the shop. I have some books to which I often refer. Notice that I did not end a sentence with a preposition. Notice that it sounds clumsy to modern ears. Anyway,  I was inspired by Paul Seller's work. If you search for him, you will find everything. But Paul's YouTube videos deal with hand tools only. Just my ticket. So I went to Home Depot  (by accident, because I was looking for somehing else) and found a nice piece of cedar, sold as fencing and very cheap. About $1.69 as I recall. I decided I would use it as a bookcase and as a box for my dividing head. I lopped off what I needed for the case and that left me with some cedar. I planed it off, an excellent cardio exercise. So I want a dovetail case.

 I realized ex post facto that I should have done this backwards. You see above I am cutting pins in the uprights, Should have cut the tails instead. Simply a matter of appearance, joint is the same. One of Mr Seller's most interesting ideas is that of the "knife wall" and it did manage that correctly. When it came to putting it together it was another thing, I erred. Still, it came out all right. Not perfect. But 'twill suffice. Hand tools only for this thing.

So now it holds my essential references, and I am happy with that.

Back to the clock,  but that was a pleasant interlude.Coming next: making lantern pinions for the clock,

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