Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In the beginning...

Chalupy acres is my place in Bush Alaska. In the summer it looks like the image with the green grass.

In the winter, as is well known, we have a bit of snow in Alaska., and Chalupy looks somewhat whiter.

Having retired from the world of science, computers, and even a bit of engineering, I spend my summer days working in the garden, doing woodwork, and learning all sorts of useful bush skills, such as repairing small engines, cutting and splitting firewood, constructing things, and repairing things that broke last winter.

Winter brings out the skis. Indoors work is the order of the day. I do model-building, woodcarving, spooncarving, and read a lot.

Spring comes along, but slowly. Above, it's April 20 (1907). Still snow on the ground.

Now let me see if I can post this.


  1. very nice! more woodcarving! more gardening! and of course, more tractor pornography...

  2. All things come to he (or is that him?) who waits. I must set the stage before I bring on the characters.