Sunday, March 7, 2010

Placemat in place

We left our Navajo placemat almost at the top. A demonic session a while back finished it. As I have said, the last few centimeters are torture. You can't make a shed, so it is blunt needle time. You go thread by thread with the needle. But it is done. And here she is:
I am really pleased with the result. I have finally got the hang of dovetails, if not mastered them; my "lazy lines" where diagonal colors join are OK, and the rug is really solid. So let's take it off the loom, knot up the four corners (traditional finish) and see what we have:
The placemat is finished. It will probably become a hanging in an honored place; I can't stand the thought of getting spaghetti sauce all over it, although it is washable. Its successor is on the loom as we speak. In this one I will attempt diagonal stripes. Stay tuned.

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