Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wire Nut Chef

The saga of the Wire Nut figures continueswith Wire Nut Chef, for a cooking nut. Wire nut chef started out as a stick figure with a nut head, of course.
It is a real pain to solder these stick figures, as I have mentioned before. But, above, we are getting better at it. Note all the holding devices! It is imperative that the solderees do not move in the soldering process.

Now a chef needs some utensils, so the next job is to make some. Let me see, a pot would be indispensable, wouldn't it?
I am very proud of that pot. I hammered it out of copper sheet over a wooden former. Gerald Wingrove (q.g.) tells you how to do this for the incredible car models he makes. I thought a pot, so to say, would be within my grasp. And indeed it was. I am soldering on the wire handle above. Pot needs to be trimmed. And of course I have to make a spoon (out of wire) to stir the pot with. But wait. Chef needs a stove! Can't cook without a stove, so that was the next task.
This is heavy artillery, 12 gauge shotgun shells for burners. The rest is wire-bending. The spoon and the pot repose, for artistic effect, next to the stove on the soldering brick.

Now we need a chef's hat, of course. So we dig out yet another .38 special cartridge case, and I had to JB-Weld that one on; the head kept falling off. Too much mass in the nut.
Et voilá, le chef! I have soldered the works to a copper sheet and will fix a piece of wood to make a stand; the copper alone is just too flexible.

This was a fun figure to make, not too hard; the pot came out very nicely and it was the hardest part of the whole thing.

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