Saturday, November 19, 2011

Piano hinge (but no emu eggs)

The day after I posted on my mini-bending brake (having rashly stated that it were easier to find emu eggs in Alaska than miniature piano hinges) my eye fell on an old clamshell-type glasses case. I had saved it because I plan to make a cell phone case out of it. But my mind ran piano-hinge mode. I said to myself "how is this varmint hinged?" As a matter of fact, as a few moment's work with a craft knife revealed, there's a miniature piano hinge in it!
The hinge was held in place by bent-over tabs. It took a while to unbend them and get the hinge out. Above, there it is. Granted, it has bumps in unlikely places, but as some Shakesperean character said, "t'will do, t'will suffice." Now to install it in the brake. I rabbeted out some space for the hinge, so it would not protrude and mess up my bends. Fortunately I had some tiny brass screws on hand. Voila:
The two pieces to the right do the actual dirty work; but the hinge is marvellous -- the thing doesn't shift when I am bending. A few tests confirms that it works perfectly, like Mr Gingery's larger scale brake does.

But it does leave me with the problem of emu eggs. I looked all over but still have found none. Moral: stuff is where you find it. Unless you are looking for emu eggs.

It has been very cold, in fact, on the Chalupy weather record, this is the coldest November ever. -32C this morning. A bit too cold for me to venture out, so I have been waiting until 2PM to go skiing. Then it's only -23C, still awfully cold for November. I expect we are getting the full PDO without La Nina modulation. I may explain this cryptic statement in another post. But it is very cold. Glad we have the woodstove; saves a fortune in fuel oil.

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