Saturday, April 7, 2012

Waiting for Spring

Breakup is slow this year! It snowed this morning, maybe a whole centimeter. Gosh. It is now raining lightly. It seems, this time of year, that the snow will never melt. But the other day we went for a walk. Perforce we go on the road, because the snow, even with snowshoes, is impossible. But off we go. Out the driveway. What's this?
Look! Behold! It's the ground. Bare patch in the driveway! Exciting way to start your walk. So. encouraged, we persevere and get on Beryozova, giving Basargin a C- grade. While we are on it, we note the snow has left the roofs. Why that isn't rooves, I cannot say. English spelling, she is erratic.
The unheated shed still has full snow on it. Today, by the way, I went to one of the unoccupied houses in the village. It is roofless -- collapsed by the snow. On we go. On Bery, we have a pleasant surprise.
Nice big patch of bare ground. We amble down Bery about a about a klick and a half ("klick" is, or was, USAF shorthand for Kilometer) and come out on Crystal Lake road. This is a paved (well, chip-sealed) road, so we expect some melting. Indeed:
We conclude that there are indeed some signs of spring. We return home and have a cuppa, reassured that Nature is really doing her job. It is we humans who get impatient.

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