Thursday, August 9, 2012

How many weeds in a garden?

As I have remarked before, while (some) vegetables grow to enormous proportions in Alaska, so do the weeds. So weeding is a constant chore. All my weeds wind up on the compost pile so nothing goes to waste. Composting, by the way, has its own Alaska twists; I must post on that sometime. Anyway, the results of the last weeding went into the Darthcartt, my homemade garden cart. Here are the results.
Now this is after the weeds had a week to compactify, as the String Theorists in Physics say. I weeded today and filled the cart brimful. The Darthcartt is one meter square exactly. The sides are perhaps 30 cm. So maybe a third of a cubic meter. That's an awful lot of weeds. Just for a comparison, a cubic meter of water weights a tonne (that's a metric ton, for the metrically challenged; close enough to the Avoirdupois ton for practical purposes). Of course weeds are not as dense as water; good thing too or I would break even the sturdy Darthcartt. Today I pulled some turnips. They were enormous. I'll report on them soon.

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