Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Midsummer Garden's dream

It has been raining, and then it has rained some more. This morning, the rain gauge registered 51 mm total. May not be much for the tropics, but is is quagmire for Alaska. This is supposed to be very good for the garden (it is also very good for the weeds, alas) but the garden is indeed prospering.
I put down some lovely weed-control stuff between rows. Potato row left, then letttuce, onions and such, then brassica row, and root crop far right. I cloched a bunch of stuff with my nonpatent fruit juice container cloches, Made a huge difference. A tailored greenhouse, in fact. Off picture, the strawberries are producing. Here's dinner ingredients a few days back:
Lettuce and strawberries, yum. Beautiful strawberries, sweet. Berries of all sorts seem to do well in Alaska.

We are in the "cold and wet" cycle of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation. Since the period seems to be 30-odd years, perhaps it should be "Pacific Tridecadal Oscillation," or PTO. But that is also the acronym for "Power Take-Off" one one's tractor. How confusing! Acronyms are the curse of modern languages, but even I have to admit they are sometimes useful. By the way, the sun was shining when I took the garden picture. Do not be misled by taking it for the norm in these PDO, or is that PTO-challenged times.

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