Friday, July 2, 2010

The Dragon Anvil at work

Having weeded the garden (a perpetual process), it is time to play with the new Dragon Anvil. My shop is one big inflammable, so I decided to move the whole shebang ouside.
My project is to forge a hook tool, used to turn bowls on foot-powered lathes. The raw material is a tine that broke off my spading fork. On the left, Dragon Anvil and proto-hook; on the right is the forge -- a firebrick hut on someone's discarded barbecue. Not visible is the Dragon Lady, a propane-powered torch I have mentioned before. The Dragon Lady will heat the proto-hook to boiled-carrot color in about three minutes. I have the same problem here that I have with microforging (q.v.) -- small pieces don't stay hot very long. But it is enormous fun, bashing hot metal into shape. I messed up many a time, losing a "heat" as the blacksmiths say; for instance the vise-grips I am using as tongs slip and I drop the piece on the ground. Grrr. Still, if you don't try you won't learn.

Today I used a regular propane torch to heat the tip of the hook, for refining the shape. Slowly... but the Dragon Anvil is wonderful. At last, a solid object to bash against.

If you think the anvil is pointing the wrong way, remember that I'm left-handed. Sometimes the world looks like one big right-handed conspiracy theory.

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