Monday, June 28, 2010

An impressionist camera

As I reported about two posts ago, my camera went west. Or so I thought, since all I had on the monitor was snow and a few cubist designs, very faint at that. On the off-chance that the camera might be working, I pointed it at the window and snapped the shutter. I suppose electronic cameras have shutters -- I can't see how else they can cut off (or turn on) all those photons. I transferred the flash card to the new camera and, behold...
I actually think that is an impressionistic composition. I had no idea what mode I was in, what the autofocus latched on to, how the contrast would work; indeed I did not think the camera would work at all. But it did. So the camera still works, but you can't see what you're doing. Interesting, no? I suppose it comes under the heading of monkeys typing out Shakespeare.

Note the little pole lathe at the left on the windowsill. It was the first one I made, in Juneau; I keep it as decor.

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