Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wees, weeds, but also turnips

We have had rain on top of rain. It is hard to do any gardening in the rain. But the other day there was a brief break and I rushed out to pull weeds. I got an enormous amount out. Rain, they say, is good for the garden. It is also good for the weeds. However, in the process of weeding, I noted that some turnips were ready to pull, and I did.
It makes a nice tableau. The Darthcartt, of course; many gallons of weeds, and the turnips. The payoff for all that weeding. The turnips are huge, perhaps I should have pulled them earlier. But then, it was raining. We also have radishes and some of the chard is ready. The cabbage has started to form heads. The broccoli and the cauliflower seem overwhelmed by rain; no sign of heads although they are very leafy. Well, gardening is a gamble. Win a few...

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