Thursday, December 4, 2014

I have moved. I am now in Anchorage. My daughter and I have bought a big house and I am now settling in. That is why long time no posts to this blog. Moving is very traumatic and I have had neither time nor inclination to post.

This blog will continue. I thought of cancelling it and starting a new one, but why bother. Chalupy Acres lives forever, but at my age (75) I could not keep up with it. Living in rural Alaska demands lots of physical labor, and John helped for a couple years, yet it was unsustainable. It was time to go. John and Fluffy are now in sunny Tampa, FL.

So I am now in Suburban Hell. But for all that, it is nice. I have a heated shop. The outdoors are not far away. There are 200+ Km of ski trails. So winters are taken care of. My greenwood woodworking stuff will be severely curtailed. But we have room for a garden, and maybe we will go a-Salmon Fishing!

Thanks for your patience.

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  1. Hi I am also of an age (81+) and love tools and woodcarving and just about anything to do with wood Am also interested in furniture pieces and repairs of same .Tools- I have and still use many of my fathers tools,and have a vise of his made by the Skinner Chuck Co. (they are still in business) Its on my bench and in regular use. I am new at blogging My wife has helped me in getting started.

    I'd sure like it if you stopped over to my blog. "the Sawman" Ed