Sunday, February 15, 2015

Chalupy Acres lives again!!

I have been stymied from posting by the internet situation in this new home. My "real" computer was set up for an ethernet connection at Chalupy. The box from the phone line went into the router. From there I ran an ethernet cable to the conputer, and presto! Internet.

Here I was limited to an evil laptop. At least it spoke wi-fi. Getting a USB mouse helped a lot. But I still didn't have all my familiar software. All the stuff to get photos off the camera, all the nice keyboard features that I have become used to. So my daughter had a brilliant idea. The cable company supplied a cable modem. Form thence we went to a router which supplied wi-fi to the whole house. But an ethernet cable from the router (upstairs) would have been about 30 meters long -- posssible but very unsightly. Or I could have drilled a hole in the floor -- verboten. Or I could put a wireless USB "dongle" on my real computer. Which I did, but there is something missing. "Device not found" it says.

The brilliant idea was to note that the downstairs room where I have my stuff set up has a cable outlet. So why not attach the cable modem to the downstairs connection, take the router downstairs, and plug ethernet into that? IT WORKED. The router broadcasts wi-fi everywhere, so why worry about the cable modem/router location?

So now I am online again downstairs. I now have to revive my camera and get the photos off it, and I might be in business again. Note the absence of pictures in this post. When I get the camera up I can show you what I have been doing. Several projects, the new shop, the whole thing. Cameras, unfortunately, require batteries and I am afraid that this may take a few days.  And I may have lost a few photos.

Chalupy acres apologizes for the long absence, but hope is in the air.

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