Monday, November 16, 2009

The Clockwork Orange

Snow has come, 11 cm of it; fortunately I was prepared. I went down to Home Depot and spent my Alaska PFD on a brand-new snowblower (or snowthrower). My daughter insisted that I do this. I use the tractor and a home-made V plow for choice. But last year I had agonies because the tractor wouldn't get traction on the hard ice. And so I introduce another member of the Chalupy menage, the Clockwork Orange. Since it comes from Home Depot it is, of course, orange.
Did it work? Well, my driveway is clear. But it was an effort. These things are made for suburban driveways. I have gravel. So it tends to dig in. It is also having trouble getting traction. This may improve as I get a packed layer of snow. I will also put skids on it. I foresee chains in my future -- chains for the tractor, chains for the Clockwork Orange (Clocky for short).

The Home Despot (er, Depot) will also sell me skid plates; but I think a pair of child's skis cut down surgically might be better, and certainly cheaper. Stay tuned for further Orange bulletins.

The temperature went to -35C this morning. I will check my records, but I think that this is a record for November.

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