Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Midweek: Capt Hook debuts; garden harvest.

As I mentioned previously, the hook tool is finished. Well, maybe. It of course rejoices in the name of Captain Hook. I think the oil quench does not do the thing entirely. I think it is too hard, and I will have to retemper. But this is the way we learn, by making mistakes. If you made no mistakes, you would learn nothing.
OK, we have to give Captain Hook a try. So I cobbled up a mandrel and a the bowl blank; I think I mentioned this before. Capt Hook works. He shaves (as opposed to scrapes). I am astounded. But he has to be sharper, I think. Which means I will have to temper him again. Because only the diamond stones will work. No good. Too hard to get a good edge. However, it is my first forged tool; I am quite pleased with Capt. Hook.

In more midweek news, a big piece of the garden came indoors yesterday.

There's cauliflower, turnips, carrots, (can't see them) and the odd beet. Cauliflower tends to bolt unless you tie up the leaves -- or do what my neighbor does: bend over anough leaves to cover the head. A lesson from a pro! Next big job: dig up the potatoes. The cabbages are doing nicely (cabbage is an Alaska standby) and I can get them anytime. A few carrots, and some parsnips still in the ground. Let 'em go. Broccoli will be weak. It has been a very wet summer. But we did get some quarter (twenty-five-cent) sized tomatoes in the greenhouse. Some late-planted snap beans are doing astoundingly well, but won't be more than one meal. Herb garden rescued by cloching (as were the carrots). Lots of parsley and oregano. Basil ... no, not outdoors. Maybe with cloche? Amazing what cloches will do for you. So, almost through. Lots of veggies against the winter.

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