Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sun shining, fall coming, scenic shots

We have had two (count them, two) days of clear skies. I feel that I ought to call my doctor and report hallucinatory symptoms. "Er, doctor, the sky is this peculiar color, light blue, and there's this big bright ball up in the sky. I have to be going crazy."

Instead I took the camera and went out in search of likely victims. One such was Little Lonely lake at dawn.
I love the reflection of the lenticular cloud on the lake. I am a sucker for reflection shots! More seasonable was the birch tree in fall colors:
Right at the end of Bery road. Appropriate, because "Beryozova" means more or less "of the birches" in Russian.

It has been a very difficult summer for scenics. It has been dull and gray most of the time, and the colors just don't come through. So I'm glad to get these shots. I have news from the garden. Next post coming up.

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