Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crafts Tableau III: some details

This is to finish up some last details on the construction of Ye Crafts Tableau, as Olde Englyshe might put it. The spinning wheel was a fun piece of work.
The hardest part of the spinning wheel is the wheel itself. And here it is under construction, held up by the inevitable hemostat. All of it, as I recall, was alder wood. The hub was turned on the Taig. The spokes were then put into drilled holes in the hub. When I have nothing else to post, I will do a post on "the poor man's dividing engine", or how to divide a circle into equal parts with a minimum of equipment. The rim was planed down from a strip of alder, maybe willow -- I couldn't tell them apart then, I can now -- steamed, and bent around the spokes.
Shallow holes were drilled in the rim to take the spokes. The rest of it was easy:
Here you see Weaver poised at her spinning wheel. I wish I could get the bobbin to rotate. Too much to ask at this scale; the wheel is about 40mm long. But the belt does go around!

Next detail is Woodworker's tools. He had to have a saw and a plane, of course.
I happen to have a fretsaw with an impressive collection of blades. One of them was about 1mm wide, and it broke. It did very well for woodworker's saw blade. When it came down to pegging it in pace, I chickened out and used super-glue! It is a perfectly functional saw, about 20mm of blade. I put the tensioning rope ( read threads) on it later.

Woodworker's plane actually works. The blade was microforged from a finishing nail. Amazingly, the nail actually hardened. Off day at the nail factory, I suppose. So I tempered it and put an edge on it. Later I made a chisel for him, another nail. It does chisel! And finally I made a bench for woodworker. Can't do woodworking without a bench. I regret that I didn't put a vise on the bench. Well, "history of the piece," as my son says.

And there ends the saga of the crafts tableau. On to the Music Tableau!

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