Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Filling the woodshed

One thing is building the woodshed. But now it must be filled, or else it is quite useless. So the emphasis shifts. It is a little late, but thankfully the weather has cooperated. So, cut wood. Fortunately I discovered a stash of wood on the Power Line Right-of-way, where the ever-beneficient Matanuska Electrical Association cleared out some trees several years back.
Best thing about this is that I can put my trusty Vicky, the Vitara, in four-wheel compound low and drive to it. Makes things much easier. Now we have to cut it. So pull out Parsifal, the trusty Stihl MS170, and go to it.
Some people think you should have a huge chainsaw. I disagree. My little chainsaw will easily cut any log in this operation. If push comes to shove I have Siegfried the 041; but Parsifal weighs half of what Siegfried does and is much easier to use. Chainsaws are a lot like chisels. It maes no sense to use a slick to cut a furniture mortise. John stacked wood for me, and put it in the car. An extreme luxury. Usually I'd have to do that myself and it is no joke. It is in fact a workout. So after a while, we have a full carload.
Now we drive back home and stack the wood to be split, which John kindly did for me. Another enormous relief.
So the log pile grows. There is some left over from last winter; we may actually have enough for winter by the time this is over!

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