Saturday, October 8, 2011

More woodshed

Progress continues. The rear beam is in place. To my horror I miscounted the number of squared beams we would need. So this morning there was some hasty improvisation.

I used Handy Bandy, the portable bandwaw, for this work, as a trial. You can see the unsquared log at center left. The posts have been smeared with used mtor oil, of which I have gallons. Come spring the offending log will be replaced. No time now. The front posts are in place but not filled in. They must be propped in place and then cut so as to have the same length. The holes, of course, are not uniformly deep, and the field measurement of the length (2.5m nonimal) is subject to many errors such as tape slip, so a bit of tuning is in order.

Handy Bandy worked quite well, but slow. It has a steel-cutting blade in it, and I am unable to locate a wood-cutting blade. I will have to get on the 'net for that. Most people use it for cutting pipes! But it may yet be a useful tool.

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