Monday, October 17, 2011

Woodshed, the end game

We left our woodshed with the rear beam up. Technically a plate, but no matter. It's horizontal. Next job is the front plate. Here's John nailing up the thing. These are 8" spikes, quite a lot of effort to nail!
Next job is the rafters. Off I went to the forest and secured some dead spruce for beams. Time pressed. We did not bother to square them off. Up into place they go. We were somewhat limited both by time and the suitability of dead spruce. So we look like this now:
Obviously these things have to be nailed down. I did that next day. Then came the tin-fetching episode, previously posted. Now the tin has to be cut to size. If you are brave you can use tin snips. Be sure to stock up on band-aids (or plaster, as the British say) if you do because you will incur many minor cuts. No... I have my trusty Makita saw, $5 at the thrift store, with an Abrasive Cutoff blade.
And talk about Just in Time! Note the snowfall in the background, This was just a flurry, but it emphasized the relentless passage of the seasons. Next, of course, we placed the tin on the roof.
And finally...
She's as done as she's going to get this winter. Come next spring we will remove the roof, pull out the posts, set them in concrete, and replace the roof. And clean some things up. But it will do very well indeed. All local lumber, not a sawmill in sight. Cost about $15 and I'm very proud of it. A great learning expereince, squaring logs, digging holes, and tomorrow we'll nail on the roof. Woodshed, she is fini. We now turn to putting wood in it. Not to mention all the other fall chores; the sun waits on no man.

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