Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall is here, and almost past

If you go to the east coast of the USA, and especially the northeast, you will find all kinds of fall colors. Alaska, however, has only one fall color: yellow. The birches and the aspens turn yellow, and we have no maples to turn red. However, we have very pretty scenes.
I took this picture one cold morning (about 4C) by Little Lonely Lake. This is a mix of aspens and birches. They both turn yellow. A few bushes do go to red, but it is not obvious in the picture. Meanwhile there is little Lonely Lake itself:
I love shots with elaborate reflections, courtesy of Mother Nature, and this one has them all. Look at the cloud reflection!

As I write, the wind has been busy blowing off the leaves. Birches and aspens are ready for winter. My lilac tree is ignoring these warning signs. We will hope it is right. There are lots of things to do before winter sets in and I'd hate to be caught short. I am not quite up to snuff yet and my son has been helping, thank heavens.

Usually in Alaska snow does not come until the end of October. But again, you do not know. This is the "cold" season of the PDO (Pacific Decadal Oscillation), which should be caled tridecadal. There is a La Nina running, so who knows!

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