Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Woodshed vs. Winter

Winter is almost here. It freezes most clear mornings. The woodshed must be completed. Or at least cobbled together. I have abandoned the idea of setting the posts in concrete. But onward! The first thing to do is to finish sawing out the last few 8x8 (cm, of course) -- by a curious coincidence this is the same as a commercial 4x4 in this metrically benighted country. Anyway, you have seen the process before, but here is John sawing out a log.
Our trusty lumbermaker is doing quite well. And little Parsifal, the chain saw, is a real champ. After that session, we dug three holes. This is easy -- once you get past the first 10cm or so of tangled roots. After that, it was easy, with the clamshell digger.
And there is the first vertical post in place. More to go. This night, forecasting "rain and snow west of the Parks highway." Well, we are west of the Parks all right but not by much. My guess is rain. (I look at the radar).

It's a little tense. Usually it does not snow till about Nov 1.. But I have seen snow on the ground in mid-October. Let us hope.

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